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Customer-Centric: A system of shared values and behaviors that focus employees on delivering great customer experiences
– Forrester Research

On Wednesday  August 24th we kicked off the #KICDK program at Børsen with partners of the project; a group consisting of some of the best consultancies and tech vendors in Denmark (see the short video below for pictures from kick-off).

The Kunden I Centrum #KICDK program is designed and run with the intent of helping Danish companies engage and adopt customer-centricity in a more strategic and vigorous way. We believe this is the discipline to master in the 21st century Networked Business environment.

The next 6-12 months we will be working hard on creating and executing a program that focuses on building and disseminating best practice insights and knowledge on customer-centricity.We’ll be looking at best-practice, technology, processes, opportunities, and challenges related to customer-centric business development.

This is a discipline we believe holds the potential for creating great business value and competitive advantages for Danish businesses. Research shows that companies, who adopt a customer-centric mindset, at all levels of the organization, are up to 60% more profitable – compared to companies who lack this focus (cmo.com).

Starting September 19th, Dansk Erhverv, IT Branchen, NBI and Sitecore invite you follow the following activities in cooperation with our partners (most activities held in Danish):

  • Content and Knowledge Dissemination: We’ll be creating and distributing a variety of content, physical as well as online, based on fresh data, interviews, cases, how-tos, and videos. Stay tuned here, as well as on medkundenicentrum.dk, and various social channels, starting September 19th
  • Launch of v.3 of the “Omnichannel Capability Benchmarking Tool“, a tool for evaluating your own capabilities and potential within omnichannel marketing disciplines, a cornerstone of future customer-centric business development.
  • A B2B-focused event on November 22nd (again, stay tuned here and on http://medkundenicentrum.dk) in beautiful Børssalen. The event is highly focused on involvement, debate, and dialogue.
  • A series of master-classes hosted by our partners, created in collaboration with Rasmus Houlind, Agillic og Sitecore, will take place in the spring of 2017.

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